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New financing solution

Are you looking for a business loan? After having performed a credit risk analysis we will present your loan project to a group of verified professional and experienced investors as part of an online auction process. Investors will make loan by loan funding commitments with only the most competitive offers being considered for allocation. As a result, you will get your business loan quickly at a fair rate.

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New partners

You aim to assist your clients with getting a business loan? creditshelf offers you a platform to support your clients and manage loan requests on their behalf. As a result, you can offer your client an innovative financing solution. In addition, accredited partners may benefit from lead referrals by creditshelf and can therefore extend their client network.

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New asset class

You get access to German SME loans as a new asset class that was previously reserved to banks only and is offering a highly attractive risk vs. return profile. Each loan is vetted by our experienced credit risk team applying rigid selection criteria. Using creditshelf’s unique platform investors can actively or passively invest as part of an online auction process and build a diversified portfolio of German small and medium sized enterprises (SME) credit. Loans are short-term and therefore self-liquidating.